Josh Thome – Hear The Call

We had a chat with Josh Thome, a National Geographic Explorer and filmmaker, who has a film called “Hear the Call” showcasing in the Best of VIMFF screening at the Eagle Eye Theater on November 20th.

His first film in 1997, CONNECT, aired worldwide as MTV’s Earth Day Special featuring Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. His first TV series, 4REAL, took A-list celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes on adventures to highlight some of the world’s most inspiring young leaders. 4REAL was broadcast in 166 countries and 35 languages on National Geographic, Travel Channel, MTV, CTV, The CW and more. Thome’s recent film, ʻĀINA: That Which Feeds Us, has won multiple awards at film festivals around the world. His recent pilot for a series titled, Hear the Call, combines Thome’s love of music, film, and progressive change.

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Hear The Call: Salmon Nation:

VIMFF FB Event link:

Synopsis: In Hear the Call: Salmon Nation, singer Ashleigh Ball of Hey Ocean! travels with filmmaker Josh Thome to BC’s remote coast to meet Alexandra Morton, one of the worlds most celebrated marine biologists for her work with BC’s keystone species, salmon. Exploring the coast with Alexandra, Ashleigh is amazed to learn about the elaborate role salmon play in weaving together the entire coastal ecosystem. She is equally disturbed to learn that the wild salmon are being decimated by disease and pollution introduced from Atlantic salmon farms.

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