Election Profile – Jeff Cooke

Squamish Mayoral Candidate Jeff Cooke

We look to feature all the candidates for the upcoming election and our first Mayoral Candidate is Jeff Cooke. Jeff is a relative newcomer in the realm of municipal elections, but he does have a wealth of business knowledge, and loads of time spent helping within the community. We go in depth into his platform and what he calls Squamish growing pains.

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  1. Worked/ managed a company that had been in squamish for four years. Closed up shop in February 2018 as growth of the business was just not reflecting the growth of Squamish. Sadly, even the District not Squamish wouldn’t support our business by purchasing from us even though we carried product they needed on a regular basis and was completely certified. They would even try to meet with us to go over opportunities. If you can’t get support from the top then how can one expect to get it from anywhere else? Hopefully a new team with a new mindset will be able to change that.


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