Longtime resident, and journalist in hiatus, John French joins us to talk about the Official Community Plan for the ongoing development of Squamish. We discuss if the district’s OCP has a good strategy for strong growth, economic development & land use and if they can be integrated with our community needs.

Download here.


  1. What are your thoughts on the high voltage transmission line cutting straight through individual properties in lower Brackendale, which has largely become a family suburb? This right of way agreement was signed in 1957 when the area was largely farmland.


    1. Hi Linda, I agree that in 1957 they probably didn’t consider the amount of growth Squamish has or will undertake. This issue would not be covered in an official community plan, but it could be brought up in the upcoming municipal election. We will follow up with the candidates!


      1. In regards to the location being Brackendale, was it actually a part of Squamish in 1957? When did Brackendale become a part of what Squamish is today? I mean when did Brackendale become a community as opposed to it’s own town/city?


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